Known within both Amateur and Professional circles for over 9 years, Martin M0CCW from 'Big Mart's Brackets' has been designing and making a variety of substantial metal work products specifically designed for antenna mounting. These products include tilt brackets, stand-alone brackets, drive on antenna brackets, T & K brackets, wall mounted rotator brackets, elevated tilt mast brackets and wall mount tilt brackets, the list goes on

All the products are handmade by Martin using various gauges of steel. All brackets are seam welded and have a hot dip galvanised finish, so are made to last.... As Martin can often be heard saying “You won't bend one of my brackets!”

**  Bracket prices held at 2015 rates ** 

Please contact us for more information and stock availability                        07881 225239

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     New Super Lightweight Drive-on now, only   
      £25      (Model DO4)

      Lightweight Drive-on
now added the the range, only   
      £35      (Model DO3)

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All of our brackets are made here in the UK and are Hot Dip Galvanised to ensure long life.

The standard socket is for a 2”/50mm mast size, other sizes upon request